Meet Our Volunteers

Jean Purvis is our President, she’s in charge of overseeing operations and making sure we have everything covered. Her background in financial proofreading means our tax returns will always be error-free!
Chris Glazier, Treasurer, helps out with building winter shelters for the ferals and is perfecting his homemade cat food recipe.
Alice MacKenzie, Secretary, actually hails from Ridgewood but her neighborhood is getting overrun with hipsters so it’s pretty much the same as Bushwick.
And Janice Purvis joins us from all the way out in Crown Heights. She recently took in an “Eartip Alert” cat, a fixed feral who was brought to the local kill shelter.

Interested in volunteering?
There’s always a new TNR project afoot, and we can always use more help. We often need help trapping and transporting cats and supplies, but there’s a million ways you can help. Have some space? Foster one of the friendly cats we find during TNR projects, or just hold a feral while they recover from spay/neuter surgery. Like to take photos? You can’t have too many cat photos! Like to sew and/or make stuff? Make a cat bed! Can you write? Our adoptable cats need better PR, write up a punchy profile for Adopt-A-Pet! Have other ideas? Let us know!

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